Breen Automation Systems, Inc. is available for consulting to help you meet all of your audio, video, security, climate control, and energy needs. There are always new ways to decrease your energy consumption while increasing your quality of life. Feel free to contact us or stop by our Solvang office.

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Climate Control

BAS specializes in precision control of indoor humidity, temperature, and pressure. Whether your goal is to protect the surface finishes on priceless art, or you just want finite control of your living environment, Breen Automation Systems applies state-of-the-art products to meet your climate control needs.

Siemens USA, headquartered in Buffalo Grove, Michigan, is a part of one of the world's largest electrical engineering and electronics companies. Founded more than 150 years ago, the company is active in the areas of Information and Communications, Automation and Control, Power, Transportation, Medical, and Lighting.

Johnsons Controls are a global leader in interior experience, building efficiency and power solutions. For buildings, JCI offers products and services that optimize energy use and improve comfort and security. They also provide batteries for automobiles and and hybrid electrical vehicles, along with systems engineering and service expertise.

The Siemens-Talon control system offering grew our of what was originally Staefa Control System. Staefa was established more than 40 years ago, management systems. The Staefa Control system brand leads the industry with the new TALON open protocol building control system. Authorized and remains a reputable supplier in the HVAC control and Energy Management Systems marketplace with high profile installations such as the Getty Museum, Penn State University, and Cal State Long Beach. Authorized Siemens-Talon dealers located throughout U.S. provide the best in open systems and customer service.

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Energy Usage

With energy prices ever-increasing, it's time to get your buildings power consumption under control. Breen Automation Systems, Inc. teams up with several of the industry's leaders to provide you with an array of affordable energy management solutions.

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Audio / Video

Breen Automation Services, Inc. provides a wide range of audio and video services including whole house audio distribution, home theater, iPod integration, music servers, speaker sales, XM radio, and more. High end systems include in-wall or wi-fi touch panel displays combining audio, video, lighting, shades, internet access, and security. BAS also has expertise in helping you solve your, irrigation, and pool control needs. We have partnered up with industry leaders to provide an exceptional end-product to our customers.

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